Last updated: October 13, 2023

This one-pager documents how you can leverage Airwork to staff everything.

👋 Introduction

Welcome to Airwork! We’re a Toronto-based, venture-backed tech startup solving one of Canada’s largest societal problems: the labour shortage.

5 years ago, your job posting that pays $16/hr would get hundreds of applications with tons of great candidates. In 2023, that same job post goes out for $21/hr, you get a couple dozen applicants, and of the 5 candidates worth interviewing, 3 of them don’t even show up. You sign an offer with one candidate, and when the first shift starts, they leave to grab coffee at lunch and never come back.

80% of managers we’ve spoken to within the last 6 months experience some form of staffing/worker management frustration once a month.

Airwork solves this entirely.

We’re building an on-demand marketplace for premium blue collar workers.

Instead of going back and forth with your temp agency or reading through hundreds of crappy resumes on Indeed, post a shift on Airwork. 98% of your shifts will get filled within 2 hours of posting the shift

Airwork was founded in 2022 by Gary Lin (ex-Facebook software engineer and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur) and is backed by co-founders and investors of Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Instacart.

🎉 Getting started

🔎 Worker sourcing and vetting

🗺️ Roles and Regions

👷 Accessing and booking workers

⚠️ Shift cancellation policy

⏳ Confirming worker attendance

🕔 Clocking in and out